Hydroseeding is a process of combing slurry and mulch to cultivate an environment that’s conducive to vegetation and that controls erosion.

Hydroseeding saves you money

Combining fertilizer, lime, biostimulants, moisture retention polymers, tackifiers, other additives, water, and a hydroseeding mulch, these ingredients are combined and sprayed on the ground. The hydroseed mixture uses tackifier, a glue-like substance that adheres ingredients together.

This saves you on labor cost. Traditional methods require ingredients to be applied one at a time.

We condition the soil and compact it. We leave the top 1/2 inch loose so it accepts the hydroseed’s nutrients.

Hydroseeding in efficient

Hydroseeding mulch is biodegradable, unlike straw or hay that needs to be collected once your lawn is established. This also saves you on labor cost.

Hydroseeding tailored to you

Or, your lawn rather. We can adjust the slurry’s make up tailored to specific seeds’ needs.

Key Benefits

  • Can be tailored to specific area’s needs
  • Insulation from extreme temperatures (to prevent dormancy)
  • Moisture retention for faster germination
  • More uniform germination
  • Saves time and money
  • Superior erosion control


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