Applying fertilizer cultivates dense, green grass and keeps the weeds at bay.

Fertilizing the right way

The makeup of your fertilizer and when and how much you apply is a fine art. Potassium deficiency causes yellowing, purple or brown tints, and poor flowering. No flowers could indicate excess nitrogen. Plants can be a little like Goldilocks. They don’t want too little or too much fertilizer.

What's in fertilizer?

Fertilizer contains a unique mixture of nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium.

Timing is everything

Fertilizing your lawn takes place typically before mid-April when the soil reaches 55 degrees. The second dose follows four weeks later, and then every six to eight weeks after that through October.

What should be fertilized?

Fruiting crops, Lawns, Permanent plants, Roses, Shrubs, Temporary plantings, Vegetable

Timing is Everything

Your fertilizing regimen is dependent on what you’re growing. As you can see, each category requires different nutrients and a different timetable.

Fruiting crops: every two or three weeks
Lawns: fertilizer with high-nitrogen content in Spring/Fall
Permanent plants: early Spring after weeding/before mulching
Roses: Spring after pruning
Shrubs: Spring
Temporary plantings: every ten days in Summer
Vegetables: before planting or sowing

Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control

Crabgrass prevention, Broadleaf weed control, Lawn fertilizer, Insecticide, fungicide, and grub control.

We offer two package options: Premium or Basic. Contact us today for package details to see which package best meets your individual needs.

Our fertilizing services cover:

Broadleaf weed control, Core aeration, Crabgrass preventative, Grub elimination and prevention, Overseeding, Root builder

Key Benefits

  • A beautiful lawn
  • No need to plan time to fertilize
  • No need to keep track of fertilizer calendar
  • Professional, friendly service

Tips for Fertilizer Customers

Midland is experiencing high levels of grub activity. The chemicals we apply on your lawn only work if you water with ½ inch of water within 24 hours of the chemical treatment.

If your grass isn’t healthy, it’s likely the result of heat or a watering issue. Don’t have a sprinkler system? Call us to schedule an appointment for a free estimate!


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