Deer cause millions of dollars in property damage annually. We prevent that from happening to you by applying seasonal DeerPro repellent.

Appreciate deer, but away from your garden

We use DeerPro deer repellent to protect your garden from deer. It is an EPA-approved, egg-based deterrent spray used for over 30 years. DeerPro is only used by licensed commercial applicators (like us!).


Professional grade

DeerPro is professional strength and is professionally applied by our staff. It provides long-lasting protection for the growing season.


Application Information



How does deer repellent work?

DeerPro is sprayed on your garden to protect existing flowers and plants, as well as new growth. The repellent provides invisible protection. It also has the added benefit of helping your plants to hold in moisture. This reduces the need for water, increasing drought resistance when the weather is hot and dry.

Peace of Mind

A great benefit of this treatment is knowing that your plants are protected! DeerPro is the longest lasting deer repellent on the market. Winter applications are typically good for around six months. Spring/Summer applications can vary, depending on types of plants and rate of growth.

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Let us worry about keeping the deer away. You just simply enjoy your garden!

Deer repellent provides protection for:

Hostas, Daylilies, Impatiens, Hydrangeas, and more!

Key benefits

  • Enjoy your plants and flower
  • Don’t worry about deer eating your fruits and vegetables before you do!


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